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Laptop DC Jack Repairs & Replacement around Hillingdon

Laptop power socket failures are slowly becoming a common laptop repair on the latest systems built for extreme portability. Designers are running out of space and forced to use thin PCB compounds and for weight reduction the solid heavy metal components like DC jacks are replaced by light weight plastic compounds. The combination of thin PCB and plastic jack produces very portable notebook with highly breakable components under a small external force.

Anybody who have kicked or dropped the laptop while connected to the charger or owned it for more than two years might experience one of the following symptoms: (1) For the machine to charge you have fiddle around with the cable until you get to certain position. (2) The battery icon at the bottom of the laptop tray switches between charging and not charging at irregular intervals. (3) You power off your machine well and when you reboot at later stages the battery low LED blinks and the laptop don’t turn on even when the charger is connected. (4) When you plug-in the charger the smoke or sparks come out of the charging socket area.

The process is roughly an hour and is performed onsite. Our laptop repair Hillingdon engineers will strip your laptop to barebones to get to the motherboard where the problematic charging socket is mounted. The faulty five to seven pin device will then be de-soldered and a new one put in. If there was a smoke or sparks the whole board will have to be diagnosed to check what else might be at fault. As an advice if you get sparks disconnect your charger and battery immediately and never connect them again until your machine is professionally diagnosed because sparks means short circuit which means every micro second you are connected the whole laptop is dying piece by piece.