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About Alien Repairs Services and Coverage

Fixing With Us

We provide affordable and fast computer support services teamed up with friendly and knowledgeable techies in the electronics field. We are respectful of you, your device and your home basically we follow the house rules. Alien techies will pay you a visit on the first day of contact and our appointments are booked to your convenience not ours.

Knowledge  Indepth

All our work is carried out onsite unless if we are instructed to take it away. Any job we do is covered with warranty packages of up to 12months which guarantees against the same problem reoccurring. We also offer free remote diagnosis with no obligation to have the machine serviced. If we come to you and we can’t fix your device you will not be liable to pay any service charges.

Where we Go

You will find Alien technicians in many places, we cover Middlesex and Berkshire. All our callouts are free and we cater for home users and business sector. If your machine fault is software related and you are able to connect to the internet, we can fix your problem remotely which involves one of our techies logging into your system.

Website Design

We specialise in all aspects of web design from simple 3 page website to ecommerce. We design professional and affordable websites that are custom made to suit your niche and attract the right clients. We deploy various coding technologies ranging from basic HTML to HTML5 with embedded contact forms and social media statistics.

Search Engine Ranking

Having a pleasing website is the first step, it can be compared to owning a nice pub you still need to attract people in to make sales and that’s where search engine optimization comes in. Our organic SEO services will build your online presence from scratch in 3 months and we can also work with existing websites.