Home Desktop Computer Relocation

Professional IT Equipment Removal

We provide a comprehensive IT relocation support services tailored for all clients moving home in west London area including Uxbridge. Our services can be hired by individuals carrying out the move by themselves or integrated into a professional removal company services with no IT equipment experience or knowledge.

How the Service Work?

We are very flexible we will work around your schedule all you have to do is to let us know the date and time you will be home and leave the rest to us. Just to let you know we don’t provide packaging materials this have to be sourced by a client and we can point you to the right direction if needed. Our computer support relocation services are available in 3 levels bronze, silver and gold.

Bronze Plan

Basic computer support performed at your current address only. The service include

  • Disconnecting Base unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Scanner, Printer and all computer peripherals packing
  • Communications equipment packing
  • Label and documenting all box contents

Silver Plan

Same as bronze but done at both ends of the move. These include

  • Unpacking & Connecting devices
  • Full Computer Setup making sure everything work
  • Phone and modem connections
  • Broadband activation if available
  • Power and Peripherals Cable routing

Gold Plan

This is a full service we provide for clients who make a living out of their computers more especially those who run their businesses from home. You get all the silver features plus the following

  • Complete computer backups and imaging at the current address
  • Full PC hardware diagnostics and optimization at your new home
  • Full image restoration on a new system if old one damaged during the move

Testament to our Service

Don’t just take our word for it below are some Companies that fully integrated our IT expertise in their moving plans hear what they say about us.