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Laptop Repair & Screen Fitting Ruislip

We provide the fastest laptop screen replacement in ruislip and surrounding areas. All laptop screen repairs are carried out in your home or business premises on the same day you contact us and the whole process takes no more than 30 minutes. Nothing gets taken way, everything is done in front of you and we will set specific appointment so no need for waiting the whole day for us. We service all measure brands which include: Sony, Dell, HP, Compaq, Samsung, Apple, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and so forth.

How do you know that your LCD need our laptop repair ruislip nerds apart from the obvious smashed into pieces? The symptoms we have highlighted below will give you a general idea of what to look for if you suspect a faulty LCD: (1) When you power on your laptop the screen appears dark and when you shine a light on it you can see windows desktop. (2) Internally cracked laptop screen. (3) Vertical lines of different colours across the screen. (4) Half of the screen doesn’t show anything. (5) Notebook screen flickering.

Most of screen problems are due to owners forced physical contact therefore for a long lasting display users must handle their systems with care and avoid doing some of the following: (1) Never slam shut your laptop lid. (2) Don’t put heavy items on top of your notebook when is in closed position. (3) Never close your laptop lid when there are objects on the key board area like money clip, pens or coins. (4) It may sound bizarre but we have seen it before please don’t ever attempt to use your machine in a steam room, is not just for the screen well being it can cause short circuit and the whole thing can explode on you. Other causes of failure depend on the life expectancy of the components used more especially cables and inverters and this can be repaired without replacing the whole screen.