Server and IT Equipment Removal

Server Rack

Business moves are never easy for companies with dedicated server rooms more especially if there are no permanent IT personnel in the building. So many factors come to play when a company decide to move, upgrade or downsize its IT facilities. First and most importantly is to cause minimum interruption of day to day activities of the organization as possible. Secondly is security, no business in any country or continent will ever want to expose its trade secrets to any outsider sometimes even to its members in the lower hierarchy, so is very important they hire a professional and competent it relocation support team that follows strict confidentiality rules and regulations. You can trust us on that what we see or hear in the office stays in the building.

Server Relocation: The Process

Our server removal support team can be integrated into a moving company of your choice or let us bring our relocation partners that we have been doing business with for more than five years. The process is in 3 steps depending on the number off servers and computers that need shifting.

STEP 1 (Consultation)

Our IT experts will visit your office to assess your inventory. These will include counting servers, data storages and workstations that need moving. The team will also check existing cable and server topology to simplify and quicken the dismounting process. At the end of the visit a server support only quote will be provided.

STEP2 (Optional)

These will be our second visit to your IT department and is optional, technical and takes some time only suitable for companies looking for server relocation fail safe measures. As they always say “If something goes wrong what are we going to do?” and you can’t blame them if a removal van get involved in an accident the firm will be crippled. The purpose of this visit is to create backups that can be deployed on new systems if the old ones are damaged. The team will carry out:

  • Server and Clients health checks
  • Server imaging
  • Critical system nodes imaging
  • Storage Media Backups
  • Virtual server setup if business has to stay live during the move

STEP 3 (Moving Day)

Security and concerns all taken care of now is time to move, this will be our final visit and we will accompanied by a relocation company of your choosing our job will be to supervise or carryout some of the following:

  • Disconnecting servers from the network
  • De- Racking
  • Professional breakage free packing of sensitive components
  • Cable management and labelling
  • Oversee server equipment handling

Five years Experience

You can rest assured your business will be in good hands we have worked on different brands of servers which include:

  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • DELL
  • Fortinet
  • Sun Microsystems

Professional Movers

Companies providing removal services that you might be interested in hiring for your next IT department move.