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West Drayton Computer Backups and Repair

Every IT professional will keep on telling you to be pro active and make backups regularly but the most surprising thing is even them don’t bother keeping up with it. The value of a backup surfaces when misfortunes happens so we will keep on singing the same song please make regular system backups if data is important, we have seen companies go burst when their systems crashed. Business and home users can incorporate our data backup services in their networks or existing cloud services. We provide two types of backups which are data and system image.

This is a file archive service that saves only program data and documents i.e. pictures, music, videos, word documents and emails. We can setup your archives in such a way that you choose what files to be backed up or if you don’t want to get involved in bits and pieces we can setup an automated incremental backup where only files that changed since the last archive will be saved. The advantage of automation is you don’t have to do anything just power your laptop on and the rest will run in the background.

System images are the snap shot of the entire hard drive block by block therefore image backup is more of cloning your computer disk. The advantages of the system image are that both data and operating system files are saved in their integrity which means if your pc/laptop hard drive fails you can just buy a new disk then restore the backup and the computer will have the same look and programs thus saving you money on buying another operating system. The most intriguing thing about this method is that you can literally restore your backup to any computer make or model of course with some few customizations which our laptop repair West Drayton team will be happy to do at a reasonable price.